The Custom Jewelry Experience

Why Custom Jewelry?

You are thoughtful
Your relationship is personal
& especially because your love is unique.

Why Sulusso Sustainable?

Your jewelry is one-of-a-kind and you won't see it on anyone else

Your jewelry is made by master craftsmen with decades of industry experience.

You can relax and enjoy the experience as we offer unparalleled personalized attention

Access to the world’s finest most ethically sourced diamonds, gems, and metals available.

Have an idea?

We enjoy creativity and are especially suited to guide you through the process of creation to make something unique, personal, and long lasting. Your idea can start on a napkin, in a computer, or with your grandmother’s ring! To see some previous custom designs, check out our custom design gallery.

Custom for Couples

Engagement Rings
Wedding & Commitment Rings
Push Presents & Baby Jewelry
Personalized Charms

Custom for Family & Friends

Customized Thank you Gifts
Personalized Charms
Best Man & Bridesmaid
Custom Object d’ Art